"Forever Gone" - 2022 Honorable mention (Country)

"Forever Gone" - 2022 Honorable mention (Country)

Rick Lockwood’s latest CD Welcome To The Now is an eight track excursion through his musical imagination. If the artistry isn’t enough of a reason to purchase this CD, consider this: Lockwood is donating all of his profits from this recording to Heroes In Transition, an organization that assists veterans when they return home.” - Bill Copeland

Bill Copeland Music News October 27, 2015


Rick started playing the guitar in 5th grade and hasn't stopped. A native of Falmouth, Mass - he was a guitar instructor for 15 years and also owned "The Guitar Shop"...a lesson studio/retail music store located in North Falmouth, Mass.  

Rick's first recorded work was the album "Undercover Hero" released in 2006 with the band he co-founded, Earthbound Misfits.  

 "Welcome to the Now" is a guitar based rock/jazz instrumental album recorded at Ultrasound Productions in Hanover, Ma.  The album includes 6 original tracks and 2 cover songs (one by the Beatles and another by Jimi Hendrix). Rick played all guitar and bass on the album, while former Earthbound Misfit member Jim Beauchaine played drums.   

In 2016 "Retroactive"  was released, a blues/rock single also recorded at Ultrasound Productions, with Joe Clapp engineering.   Most recent releases include two George Harrison covers (Isn't it a Pity 2020, Beware of Darkness 2022), as well as another original instrumental (Vintera Road - 2021)

The first original effort on his label Mo Beach Records is the single "Forever Gone" - release date April 1, 2022. A straight ahead rock/folk tune with a country twist. "Forever Gone" was awarded Honorable Mention in 2022's New England Songwriter's Competion (Country).

"Sunday Flowers", also on Mo Beach Records, was released on May 30, 2022.

Rick's latest single "All I Need" was released on January 1, 2023.

"Once in a While" was released on April 1, 2023 and features Meghann Lazott on vocals.

The Rick Lockwood Trio is currently playing gigs on Cape Cod and the South Shore. The lineup includes Pete Childs on Bass, and Johnny Kew on Drums.  Rick also plays solo acoustic dates throughout the Cape.


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